Up 5:30. Weight up from yesterday, probably won't be able to weigh myself for a week.

Called car just after 6 am, at Laguardia about 6:30, met Brandon and Matt. Nothing eventful about the flight - got our gtr and bass on board w/o gate check, did inflight crossword, started Rodney Greenberg, George Gershwin. At Greensboro about 10, got baggage and car, weren't expected at the Fidelitorium until 11, so stopped for donuts, coffee, toiletries; got to studio before noon, met Mitch. Very easygoing - talked about Game Theory for a while later on. Hard to describe the vibe of the studio - photos may be better. Several hrs. on the expected drum set-up/micing, got the bass up quickly. I alternated between hanging out, reading Greenberg, and starting Arlo Quint's book through most of this. Eventually tried my Ibanez through 3 or 4 gtr amps, settled on a Princeton (his first amp, as was mine) for "The Old Currencies." Started trying some takes around 5 pm. Wasn't feeling the headphone mix at first, turning the amp up a bit helped a lot. I think we got a better-than-fair master (1st/2nd half from two separate takes), a couple of punches. Went into town (barely - really just the highway) for dinner break, decent Mexican, and groceries. Came back and tried "Boring Postcards," w/ a Strat through Pro Jr. 4th take pretty solid. I was pretty dead by 10 from getting up so early. We'll start w/ a couple of bass punches tomorrow. We could go back to either of these songs once we're used to playing, but 2 acceptable takes for a 1/2 day is not a bad start.

Retired to the adjoining cabin, read a bit of Quint, started poetry daybook (w/ fewer lines/smaller pages than the last one; also brought some Clark Coolidge, Solution Passage, to get a short-poem vibe).