Up for a while around 4:30 am, listened to a Dragnet. Up for real 8:30, coffee/breakfast in cabin. In studio abut 10:15.

Peter Hughes wrote about coming today, but I think it will be the weekend and/or Mon. Got a sound, my gtr through a Vox AC30, amp of choice for the day, tracked "Believe in Ghosts." Maybe 4 takes, w/ a replacement ending. A few bass punches, I had Brandon change his part in the bridge. Matt overdubbed a cymbal wash intro, I tried to have him play something looser in the long break, wasn't quite happening (half-assed idea). Spent some time doing the guitar part in section, w/ Mitch's coaching. Tracked "Illusions," not sure how many takes. Redid that guitar as well, on Mitch's Rickenbacker, hard to get some of my arpeggiation right. Matt went to pick up Pete Galub from the airport somewhere in here, had lunch when they got back. Tracked "Untimely Beggar" as a 3 piece - amazingly, given the trouble we've had with it, in one complete take, outside of the usual bass punches, which Brandon is very adept at. I will have to work for a while to get my gtr part where I want it. Called Bree somewhere in here, talked about John Wriggle's show/book event. We showed Mitch the early-90s (but very 80s) promotional video for Paisley Park studio. Had one beer. Filled out my absentee ballot. Set up for "Still In Error," me on my Ibanez w/ a fairly dark sound., Pete on Tele through a Matchless. Matt used a click, which I didn't listen to. Maybe 3 takes? Left my gtr as is (thought I blew an augmented chord but it sounded fine in the track), Pete redid the out and doubled the part on the Rick. 4 masters, can't complain about that. Knocked off around 8:30, dinner in town (tapas, better than I would have guessed), split some sangria. Stayed up for an hr+ trading terrible, half-remembered cover songs on the electric harpsichord in the cabin. Clear highlight: Pete's unrecognizable "Once In a Lifetime." I read 50 p. of the Gershwin book in bed - lights out 1, probably should have turned in a little earlier.