I was up first, around 7. Breakfast/coffee/showers, rolled into studio about 10:30. 

Started w/ "Cover Your Tracks!" - me on Strat/Ampeg, Pete Jazzmaster/Fender Super Reverb. [Stayed w/ those amps for the day.] Actually got the take fairly quickly, w/in 2 or 3, unfortunately the amp sound changed and was unrecoverable for my fixes, so I had to do a couple of complete passes. Also worked out some lines for Pete on the non-Stonesy part of the song. Might have taken until 3 or 4 in all. Started "Guesthouse," me on my Ibanez w/ tremolo and a direct channel, Pete on Tele (main). Took a few more takes than some, tried it w/ a click in the 110-115, neighborhood, as usual that made the takes -after- we shut it off more solid. I did some fixes, Pete doubled the pre-chorus on Rick. Dinner at local Italian, came back at 8 for "A Different City," me on Strat, Pete on Jazzmaster. Again, maybe 3 full takes? Was nervous about how to play this, but I found a (Bm) voicing I could do my Jimmy Nolan chank on throughout. Tightened up the part on some punches, will end up doubling the "mellow" bits. Mitch great throughout - had interstitial conversations about Roy Wood, trends in bass tones, and his and Stamey's high school music theory background.

Dinner at local Italian, came back and hung out over beers for an hr or two before bed - Matt's playlist of choice included Half Man Half Biscuit, "Styx Gig (Seen By My Mates Coming Out of A)."