Daylight savings time ended, which made it easier to get started by 10. Didn't take notes through the day, but:

Sent Matt and Brandon to groceries for efficiency, started by redoing Pete's gtr on "Different City." Much tighter on the funk parts than last night, added a "no wave" pass at the ending as well. Tracked "Faith & Credit," probably played it through about 4 times, changed gtr sound at some point, Frankensteined a master from takes 3 and 4 - doable in large sections b/c of the long breaks. Matt and Mitch spent quite a while on that edit, while I chatted w/ Carl Schlachte, who dropped over from Greensboro where he's going to grad school. That took until 3 - of course, my guitar parts are still a mess, and I'm worried that my verse riff is too direct a swipe from EC's "Temptation" (which is of course nicked from "Time Is Tight"). After (late) lunch came back to work on "Enemies of Song," which was a bear as expected. Again, took ending from a different take. Brandon's part, once you actually hear it, is a monster, and I don't think he did a single punch. Did clean up my guitar on that.

Solid basics for our 2 longest songs: a day's work. Knocked off about 8, went all the way into Greensboro (20 min.) for Thai/Vietnamese, came back and hung out. I caught up on the daybook in the morning, didn't read substantially.