I've got a feeling it's all rigged
I've got a feeling it ended a long time ago
Nobody tells me
I've got a feeling it's over now
I've got a feeling it's over now
I've got a feeling the votes are in and I got none
And all I want is one

Game Theory, "Throwing the Election."

Up about 7, read a bit of Gershwin. Started at 11. Stood at a mic and sang rough vocals for the entire album. It was quickly noted that "cummerbund" &c could easily appear on the list of "Least Metal Words." Recorded Pete, more Telecaster on "Still in Error," doubling a lot of the riffs, and took down several solos through a great Sovtek fuzz unit. Tried my own solo on "Shovel-Ready" again, wrote out a line for Brandon to add in the long break in "Believe in Ghosts." Mitch had to duck out a couple of times because his gf had a flat tire. This took us to almost 4, so we (the band) took Pete to the airport, found Japanese food in Greensboro, hit a Walgreen's, came back by about 6. I was half-dead or a little hung over or something, so I rested until Mitch got back. Spent the evening recording Matt on percussion we probably can't do elsewhere: 2 tracks of tuned tympani for "Enemies of Song," rachet and assorted bells for "Believe in Ghosts," 2 passes of maracas throughout "Still in Error," and clapper and metal-on-metal (the staircase to Mitch's engineer's loft) on "Shovel-Ready," may be forgetting something. By the time we knocked off at 9, elections returns were coming in, and it started looking worse once we were back at the cabin. (Mitch said he was going home to watch, get drunk and anxious as well.) I caught up in the daybook and we all looked helplessly at the internet and listened to local NPR. I don't think I've ever been in a state that went red during a presidential election. Went to bed at 12:30, before the official call but with little hope.

It will be strange to go on (with anything) tomorrow. This is what I said on facebook: 

I have not posted once about this election. I could try to say this at greater length, but all I have is: knowing that the country is full of misguided and gullible people is one thing; incontrovertible evidence that naked assholes -win- is another. On top of anything strictly political, our apparent next President is every narcissistic cretin-bro I have ever encountered -- as much in music, poetry, or academia as anywhere else -- rolled into one, plus the uncle that sneered "when you discover girls, those books will go out the window" when I was 12. That matters. I doubt that even most Trump supporters deserve the shitshow that our civic life is likely to be for the next four years. And to my farthest-left and accelerationist friends: I don't honestly know whether you're right that the American experiment, project, etc. has been a bankrupt "settler" fantasy from day one. But a lot of people who can't rightly be blamed for that have to live here too, so unless the glories of the Commune are imminent, fuck you. Even if the asshole loses in the next few hours, fuck you.