Up at 6:30. Trump is the President-elect. I can't watch the victory speech. Poem in daybook. Went into the studio before everybody else to work on guitar parts, decided to play a break in "Faith & Credit" w/ capo. Mitch came in 10:30-ish, Matt went thrift/record shopping, not sure where Brandon is - seems justifiably subdued. We worked on aforementioned F&C guitar, ok but Mitch decided the Strat was misbehaving (tuning), so we switched to a marimba part, which I got fairly quickly, and the main guitar for "Untimely Beggar" (my Ibanez, subdued). A fairly delicate part, but I got 90% of it in 2-3 takes. Mitch went to get the Strat set up in town at about 1:30. Probably got back in gear around 3, edited the "Beggar" part - not fancy, but controlled, and the tone is exactly what I'd hoped - and re-did "Faith" one more time, capo and all. Thus ends basic tracking! Started rough mixes at 5, took a dinner break while Mitch went at it (drove our rental for the first and only time), finished before midnight, went to bed pretty quickly. The strongest recordings at this early stage are probably "Still in Error" and "Different City."