Up before 7, finished Greenberg's Gerswhin book; off pace on reading for the week, excusably for the week I suppose. Went to gas up the car and pick up biscuits for breakfast w/ Matt. Met Mitch at 10 am for data transfer, shot the breeze for a while, talked a bit about next steps (probably looking at April for the main overdub/vocal session, though I may do some bits at NY studios in the meantime). Left a little before 11, dropped of car, made the 1 pm flight; read Arlo Quint and did the medium sudoku. Split from Matt and Brandon at Laguardia, home by 3. Recorded most of the receipts for the trip, talked w/ Bree when she came home, went out to E77 about 6:15, responded to most of my email, wrote to Jarvis from Woods about seeing a studio in Greenpoint he does work at, read various election postmortems. Came home, read 50 p. of Gone Girl, learned that Leonard Cohen had died. Lights out at midnight.

"The Old Revolution"   

"Do I Have To Dance All Night?"