Up 9. Weight 214.5

Read 15 p. or so of Levy while waiting for a haircut, read Peggy MacIntosh's "classic"(?) white privilege article over coffee/bagel, ran into a composer acquaintance, Robert something, I'd talked to previously at E77. Really wanted to write a bit this am but ran out of time. Cleared a little correspondence at home. Went with Bree to Trav S.D.'s lecture on W.C. Fields' silent films at the Greater Astoria Historical Society - housed in some rooms on the 4th floor of the Quinn Building, anchored by a mortuary. Kind of a trip - I briefly played a square format Steinway piano made in 1867, watched a Lionel train set that included a boxcar atop which a tiny cop chases a tiny hobo. Bree went home, I went on to Oracle - tried to write some thoughts (about privilege, I'm embarrassed to say), and then spent a couple more hours writing a loose and overcomplicated 800 words on "The Man I Love." Read 50 p. of Wilk - good interviews w/ Leo Robin and other figures it's hard to find extended writing about, but boy could you read this and not know an African-American ever wrote a song. Lights out, midnight.