Up 6. Weight same. Headed to Manhattan about 9, tried to write about Ira Gerswhin for 45 min. in a FIKA cafe, but there were pretty annoying kids in a resonant space. Went on to a big rehearsal studio way out on the West Side, practically to the river, to see Muhal Richard Abrams' open big band rehearsal, w/ Reggie Workman on drums, Marty Ehrlich, Ned Rothenberg, and Ingrid Laubrock in the sax section, and many other worthies. Played through about 5 charts, w/ Abrams changing textures on the fly, exhorting players to "make the part your own," and generally playing pretty fast and loose with his own compositions. (Or, sometimes, told people to read what's on the page - "Some of the trombone parts are a half-step apart; if you don't like it, take off your ears and throw them away.") A fun peek inside; there's another one next week. Unfortunately, I couldn't continue my plan for the day, between sleep deprivation and cold weather - had to go back to JH and nap from about 4-7, and skipped the $75 Bill show at Union Pool. Went to E77 from about 8-10, daybook, read more Levy and a bit of Alter, read the liner notes to the previous 2 Game Theory reissues. Made it through quota of Wilk (Sammy Cahn spends about 4 pages talking about "Three Coins in the Fountain") over the course of the day, listened again to most of the Toussaint album. Lights out 1:30 am - there's not much point trying to get to bed early right now, if I'm just going to toss and turn; time change/jet lag coming in about 9 days anyway.

The simplest and most necessary advice in Writing Your Dissertation [for which read "Book"] in 15 Minutes a Day [which of course is a fiction] is "Write first."