Up 9. Weight same. Finished Wilk (ends w/ a long Irving Berlin overview, which I was strangely moved by) and Levy. "And I realized that if I was seeing girders that I was part of the bridge that was falling." At Oracle from noon, but largely squandered time on correspondence (about the SM piece) and a couple of conversations w/ other writers. Went out later, daybook, a chapter of Alter. Long phone call with my dad. Lights out 12:30. 

Diffuse, underperforming.

Up 7. Left for Manhattan around 8:30, spent an hr+ in a very crowded Birch Coffee, looking at some older sections of the Tin Pan Alley chapter and writing a few sentences. Started Deena Rosenberg, Fascinating Rhythm, but my enthusiasm for another 400 p. Gerswhin book is low. No wifi, but learned on my phone that my paper/proposal didn't get into EMP! I'm surprised, but it may be a blessing in disguise re the schedule for both the book and the album (for which I'm scheduling a week in April.) Is it ok to say "their loss"? Met Kathy Pence for lunch, pleasant. Left a little too late to make a Raul Ruiz movie at Lincoln Center, so went to oracle and had another round of correspondence about the SM piece, and a phone conversation with the editor. Wrote to Amy Maloof about helping me w/ j-card design. Left at 6:30, home at 8. Daybook after a nap. Some other correspondence - wrote Mary Timony about a vocal on "Different City."

Badiou on the subject of liberalism (re the election). "A human sub­ject is a beg­gar, a con­sumer, an own­er, or noth­ing at all. That is the strict defin­i­tion today of what is a human being."