Up 9:30. Weight up. Woke up over coffee and Caples (whose big theme is the effacement of Surrelaism by art history). This book has nothing to do with anything I'm supposed to be doing right now, but I need breaks from the Gershwin literature. Oracle: worked steadily from 2-5, about 950 words on the last 4 songs. Draft is too long already at 2500 words, but I think I can close in on an ending and cut in the next few days. Hauled 2 bags of books from my locker back home + earmuffs and wine I left last night. Came home briefly, went w/ bree to Queens Consort early music concert at St. Marks. "The joyful third movement [of Manfreidi's Christmas Concerto, early 1700s] is…frequently accompanied by drones which evoke the drones of the Pifferari making the pilgrimage to celebrate the Christ child, a tradition still performed in Rome and Christmastide each year, in remembrance of the shepherds and Bethlehem." Introduced ourselves to the violinist/leader, Claire Smith Bermingham, who recognized me from E77, knows our friend Amy Domingues and also plays with Richie Blackmore. (Random, as the kids say.) Came home and went to our neighbor Jennie's holiday party [per emails, "Wassail"]. Chatted at length w/ a likable ex-Artforum editor (who I advised not to send her daughter to Bard), Phil the chemist, a librarian who knows Daphne Carr, &c. Came back around 11, read quota of Rosenberg. Lights out 1.