Up 9. Weight same (though up from a week ago). Watched last night's SNL clips - oddly moved by the gentle Obama-themed parody of Run D.M.C.'s "Christmas in Hollis." Met Drew G. and Michael G. (from Columbia) at Muhal Richard Abams big-band rehearsal 11-2; same line-up as last week, though he also had a synth player, not present last time, making sounds somewhere between Sun Ra and Richard Teitelbaum on a Nord + delay. George Lewis showed up! (But didn't play.) Wrote down a lot of Abrams' directions and stray comments in the daybook. Best was to the rhythm section: "I'm telling you something, you know, but I'm not tell you anything." Had a coffee w/ Drew. Forced myself across town to the Met Breuer (the old Whitney bldg, I now realize) for the big 2-floor Kerry James Marshall retrospective. Fascinating painter, working through African-American themes w/ a range of techniques, though this isn't the place for art criticism. Particularly struck by his mock-sentimental "vignettes," esp. one involving a wishing well, and a parody of Barnett Newman with text from Baldwin in the red field. Lyrics from Smokey's "Two Lovers" scroll through one painting. Heaed downtown, listened to most of a minor '80s McCoy Tyner trio album while on foot. Tried to stop by Housing Works bookstore - that place has the most annoyingly erratic hours and event closures. Met Bree at Pangea for Carol Lipnik's show; talked to her pianist, Matt Kanelos, for a while before and after. Wrote in the daybook a bit more during the set, including new originals and 3 Leonard Cohen songs. "Anthem," done more martially than the original, seemed so apposite. Kind of a pricey night out, w/ a food minimum and a cab home. I've decided not to record expenses until the end of the year, to avoid getting annoyed at Xmas expenditures and for the sake of self-administrative sanity. Did some pre-packing at home, got to bed at 1. Red quota of Rosenberg over the course of the day, have stalled out on the Doppelt poems. No prose.