Up around 7. Weight 213.8

Very scattered, hard to remember in order. Did daybook first thing, read 50 p. Hadju and 25 of Pollack for good measure. A lot of correspondence/printing/b.s. at home. Mailed the LPs; next, a larger order of various records for Dan H.'s record store in Des Moines. Rehearsed "I Don't Care" w/ Bree. Rested for a while, then played through other songs I'm playing on - "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "I've Got the World on a String" (just kept playing several choruses w/ metronome to get the changes ingrained), also spent a while on "I'm an Old Cowhand." Packed in a halfassed way, as I do, and went out around 8:30 to meet Laura C. at E77 and watch one Jacob Tilove play a couple of sets of gtr and mandolin - some trad bluegrass ("Liza Jane," basically a minstrel song), some singer-songwriter material, inc. a couple by John Hartford, who I know nothing about, a Neil Young song I know but can't name, and solid originals in similar modes; nice surprise was the Fleetwoods' "Mr. Blue," a better song than I'd remembered. (Turns out the writer also penned Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places," decades later.) A couple of high-lonesome-style duets w/ a guitarist. Ran into the fellow who hired me for the Bill Frisell/Woody Guthrie talks at Lincoln Ctr. a couple of years ago - seemed pretty interested in the bridge book. Also had a good catch-up with Laura. Nice evening, in all. Lights out midnight.