Up 7. Weight 213.5. Fitful sleep, cold persists, but a little more energy overall.

Needed a hot breakfast, went out for huevos rancheros, did daybook (also a page last night) and finished Hobson. Pretty intriguing account of the relationship between barbershop singing and blues tonality, not sure how to incorporate past 1 or 2 smaller points. Went on to E77 and had enough energy to write a graf on the bridge of "Somebody Loves Me." Did some organization at home, finished the "String" chart, and set up the new printer. It works, wirelessly even. Packed 2 record orders. Rested (listened to an ok talk on the poetics of "wrongness" by Rachel Zucker, and watched an episode of one of Jacques Pepin's cooking shows, which are idly comforting). Went out around 5, read 50 p. of Hadju, correspondence; invitation to play in Pittsburgh next Oct.; wrote to yet another publisher about "Strange Feeling." Nothing of great moment once I got home; looked at a few pages of Aleksandr Skidkan, Red Shifting, an UDP translation I've had around for a while.

Reminder that I want to see the following museum shows before leaving for the holidays:

Picabia, MoMa; Lackey, PS1; Ukeles, Queens Museum; possibly Agnes Martin, Guggenheim. Also need to see Daughter of the Dust at FilmForum, would like to see at least a couple from the Raul Ruiz retrospective at Lincoln Ctr.