Up 8. Weight 213.8. Still congested, resting in bed a lot between bouts of activity - not sure I'll go upstate this weekend.

Got coffee and read 50 p. Hadju, another chapter or so of Beatty.
Came home and finally got the "String" chart 90% together.
Got our plane tickets to CA for Xmas/Jan.
Entered "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" into Sibelius. Faster (but found out later I don't have to play it).
Printer arrived.
Had a burst of energy, went to E77 at 5 and wrote a [personal] letter. Faded again by 7.
Rested for a while, then took baby steps toward printer set-up and wrote to the Songwriter's Guild re mechanical license for "Strange Feeling."
Read to p. 100 of Hobson. Lights out before 10.