Up 9. Weight 213.9. Hope this is one of the worst 2-3 days of the cold. No hope of writing.

Read quota of Pollack. 
Got my phone battery replaced; hope this one works.
Got coffee, read first chapter of so of Paul Beatty, The Sellout and David Hadju, Love for Sale. Will probably have to put aside Pollack for a few days to finish the latter before the Dec. 4 show.
Zoned out/napped for a while at home, got back to some low-grade tasks around 3.
Correspondence; nearly cleared out my in-box; sent David Nagler "Enemies of Song"; contacted Wesley Stace about appearing on a Cabinet of Wonders show next year.
Actually have 2 records to send out, 1 to Germany; dug out materials, addressed mailers.
Ordered a new printer/scanner from B&H (Cyber Monday and all).
Thought I'd left the Hobson jazz book somewhere, but it turned up.
Went to Cafe Bene for a salad.
Came back and worked on Sibelius entry. Slow and annoying - it seems I was a little better at this a couple years ago (w/ a different iteration of the software). Think I'll just give up and write a transposed chart by hand. Played through "World on a String" for a bit.
Tried to work on some travel arrangements, but lost heart. Low energy.
Read another 25 p. of Hadju - goes at a clip.
Lights out at 10, but very restless - a lot of Shostakovich, and fitful sleep.