Up 9. 213.8. I have a cold, probably caught from some child at Thanksgiving - a real drag right now.

Went to E77 at 11, daybook, read quota of Pollack (interesting comments on the "chinoiserie" aspect of Gershwin's pentatonicism, in "I Got Rhythm" - the theater scoring of which involved temple blocks - and elsewhere), and a couple not-bad pieces on Whitman in VQR. Home for an hr., felt very rushed, turned around to go to Metrograph for Rivette's Pont du Nord, but had to abort b/c of train delays. Went to Oracle instead. Laptop sluggish, so I cleaned up my desktop; not sure it helped, should reboot. 3-7:30, improved the last graf on "Stairway," wrote another 6-700 words on that and "Somebody Loves Me." Read more of Hobson on the trains. Retrieve a 10" and packing material from storage when I got home, to fulfill an order, otherwise nothing worth noting. In bed by 10, though I got up once or twice and listened to a talk about the Ukraine and the Holocaust by Timothy Snyder.