[I was thinking of abandoning this journal temporarily, but am going to stick with it for a while longer, though the length/detail of entries may be less consistent for the next several weeks.]


Up 5:30. Flew NYC>>>CA. Missed our original LGA flight b/c of construction traffic, waited through several standbys, finally rebooked from JFK, went home for a couple of hrs (which allowed me to mail HH records to Iowa and buy 2 Zappa CDs and a Monk box from a vendor on 37th Ave.), finally got out at 9 pm, got a $40 Super Shuttle to Upland, arriving at 2 pm PST; we had been up for 23 hrs straight. On plane, finished Doppelt, read bits of an NY Academy of Sciences volume on [against] "The Flight From Science and Reason" (I'm sympathetic, and agree for example that Sandra Harding's characterization of Newton's Principia as a "rap manual" is overstated, but the perspective is too conservative to convince advocates); this connects to my annoyance at laudatory facebook posts about John McCumber's new anti-analytic-phil book + having-it-both-ways views on affirming "facts" in the post-Trump era. Also did Daybook listened to Luke Haines' Smash the System, watched Stephen Frears' Florence Foster Jenkins movie (like FFJ, they can say I couldn't sing, but not that I didn't*), and 2 incomprehensible episodes of Mr. Robot, which is the strangest-looking CD I've seen this side of BBC productions of Pinter. 

*Also write, play guitar, etc.


Internal clock totally off; up before 5 am. Went to Coffee Klatch, my usual Inland Empire morning haunt, wrote up the Steve Allen story for Jon Solomon's Xmas WPRB show in 3-4 hrs.; 1800 words. Came home, napped to Experiment Perilous w/ George Brent and Hedy Lamaar. Went to KSPC to pick up an access card for my shows over break, while the bldg is closed, and recorded the above piece in Audacity; then picked up the luggage that had gone to Ontario. Listened to 1st CD of Soul Jazz salsa comp, w/ the amazing 14 min. Eddie Palimeri track. 
Dinner w/ parents, then met Kyle and Annalee (and his dad) to see his kids' school's annual Holiday Sing; the school band wasn't bad, esp. on "Carol of the Bells" (which has some strikingly musematic bits). Visited afterwards at El Merendero, brought Bree home, turned around despite exhaustion to see Amy Maloof play a few songs (which I liked, esp "Houses, People, and Trees") at the Press; did my daybook during. Also heard part of a set by a local folkie, Adrian something, who was more effective on "country"- than "indie"-styled originals; also included covers of "Masters of War" and "Just Like Heaven." Back home in bed a little after midnight. No time for reading.