Up at 4:30 again. Read 100+ pages of Caples (finished the post-face later; excellent book). Koffee Klatch, 7-10, mainly correspondence, responded to light edits on GT notes; will look at the proofs in time, but I think I can call that project done! Stopped by Rancho Cucamonga Library book-sale room, picked up for (.75c-$1.00), Rickie Lee Jones, Flying Cowboys, The Thermals' 1st album, an Ella Fitzgerald selection packages as a children's album ("A-Tisket A-Tasket" and similar early material). Also Wm. Gass Middle C (which who knows when I'll read); E. Wharton short stories, Rebecca Harding Davis, Life in the Iron Mills; and Rebecca Burlend, A True Picture of Emigration, an 1831 narrative by an Englishwoman whose family ended up in New Orleans.

Came home, napped to Young Man With Ideas (a minor Glenn Ford movie) while everyone went out, read 1st 1/3 of Alicia Cohen, Coherer. Compressed, and a bit more ecopoetic than I'd sussed on purchase; there is perhaps a Surrealist touch, but that may be the Caples talking. Back out from 2-5, mainly for Xmas shopping for parents/Bree, several stops, but also stopped at Cinema Paradisio (ran into Scott Feemster) to rent the Mag. Fields doc for research; the prison charity bookstore, where I picked up $1 CDs of Saint-Saens' piano works, and recordings of Schubert's Die Schoene Mullerin and Schumann's Heine settings. Books, $3-5, inc. a fancy monograph on Fairfield Porter; Kenneth Koch, The Gold Standard; and a 1947 guide to American dialects (for Bree). 

Stopped in Rhino to say hi to Dennis, walked out w/ used LPs: John Hartford, Iron Mountain Depot (1970, was kind of hoping they'd have something), ; Jr. Walker, Peace & Understanding is Hard to Find (1970 on Motown's Soul imprint, w/ cover of "Soul Clapping"); Graham Gouldman [Yardbirds/Hollies songwriter], Animalympics; and a brass band record; and the irresistible Hard to Learn That English (As a Second Language) Blues, 1975,  which looks to be an ESL equivalent of Schoolhouse Rock or an industrial musical, ft. titles like "Past Progressive Jealousy Cha Cha Cha." Dinner at home, went out about 7; picked up bottled water for Bree, ran into David Allen in the Claremont Starbucks (and told him about my 'discovery' via Mitch Easter that the Chamberlain was made in Upland/Ontario, and rehearsed w/ Spgt (about 3 hrs, playing 'lead' on songs I did/didn't know). I wonder if we will actually play the Joe Walsh and U.K. Subs covers. Home, stayed up long enough to read a ways into Lilian Hellman's HUAC memoir Scoundrel Time.

Car listening: 2nd disc of the Soul Jazz salsa comp, and Sibelius Symphony No. 7 (he may not be my speed).