Up 6; time change may be starting to resolve itself. My shoes were still wet from last night. Started Robert Forster's memoir Grant and I. Can't find the quote, but I like that he makes something of taking trio-era Talking Heads, 2 men and a woman out of rock uniform, as as one of their early inspirations. Bree says that Kevin Malony convinced her to do a Poor Baby Bree at Pangea in March and April - she'll use another pianist, b/c I have already ask her to help me say no to things next year until I finish the book, but I will have trouble letting go. Wrapped presents at home; read more of Hartman and Cohen later; daybook. Xmas Eve w/ parents, Bree, + my uncle Joseph in from Montana. Bree's cold is bad; she basically had dinner w/ us and went to bed. I don't recall doing anything worth recording after Joseph went home, though I was up past 11.