Up 4. Daybook, Finished Grant & I, went back to bed until 8. Slow morning/afternoon - signed Xmas cards, looked through more sheet music that's here (Kern book w/ some songs I don't really know), finished Alicia Cohen, Coherer, which - despite the flakiness potential of ecopoetic (a mermaid poem?) and the sense that human culture is mainly a mistake - is much better and more readable than I've indicated here; the title indicates, I think, that she isn't giving up on trying to make sense of things. Recommended. Exchanged gifts w/ parents  + Bree, then went to Xmas Day brunch at my aunt + uncle Beverly and Anthony's, w/ my parents, kids, grandkids. Came home about 4. Watched Mr. Deeds Goes To Down and dragged myself through the last chapter of Verse - on "advanced topics," viz. alternative metrical theories that don't have much to do w/ my reasons for reading the book (though Atteridge's conception of beats as more primary than feet bears on the organization of songs.) Listened to Disc 1 of The Anna Records Story (Berry Gordy's sister's label - the border between this an early Motown as such is pretty notional) over the course of the day. Lights out before 11.