Up 7. Weight 214.2

Listened to Democracy Now, headed to Oracle about 8:30. Finished Pollack on train, coffee. Read a couple of art-in-the-age-of-Trump pieces. Wrote from 11-2:30; 750 words on songs from Lady, Be Good. Wrote to Electric Literature about reviewing Kenward Elmslie's Orchard Stories (the publishers at Song Cave made the introduction). 

Busby Berkeley double feature at Film Forum: Roman Scandals (1933, Frank Tuttle/BB), an Eddie Cantor vehicle w/ minor Warren/Dubin songs and 6-7 minutes of gratuitous blackface; and Strike Up the Band (1940), a Mickey/Judy vehicle w/ minor Roger Edens songs and 2 hrs. of gratuitous mother-and-flag L.B. Mayer Americanism. Jeff let me in on a pass, which was nice.

Thought about going home, but went on to hear Robert Glück and Luc Sante at the Poetry Project. (Finished the Keith Waldrop book on the way - much more 1st person lyric than I would have guessed, though the worldly-wise (weary?) tone is consistent w/ other work.) I wasn't vibing on Glück's autobiographical prose, theoretically informed or not; Luc read an odd but effective assortment of pieces, which one might or might not define as poetry, including something assembled from Wikipedia entries about self-proclaimed Messiahs, and a similarly structured compilation of one-sentence causes of death (the Feneon connection was evident). Was able to confirm that Ron Padgett got my article about Kenward. Also discussed the upcoming Latouche bio. Went for a drink w/ Luc, Mimi L., Annie N., Drew, and a friend of Mimi who turned out to live 2 blocks away from me, so we split a cab. Home, lights out about 12:30.