Up 9. Weight 214.3 - haven't been going in the right direction since Thanksgiving.

Started Andrew Levy, Nothing Is In Here (recent prose/poetry hybrid, not exactly a memoir, by a hard-to-place Language-generation writer) and Max Wilk, They're Playing Our Song (G.A.S.-era songwriter profiles, published in 1973 at the nadir of their critical reputation). Daybook. Still congested/tired/off my game. Listened to podcasts and napped until 2. Did some record filing and organization - stumbled on a large unmarked LP mailer and assembled most of the Des Moines order. Listened to The Wind, Guest of the Staphs (a Mitch Easter-produced '84 EP Matt bought for me in N.C.) Went out for coffee again at 5 and read a chapter from Emily Apter, Against World Literature, on translations of Madame Bovary; the next, on some general intellectual property issues around translation, looks good too. Bought a toothbrush. More organization, listened to Alex Bradford, Black Man's Lament (1972). The first cuts on each side - "Do It While You Can" and "That's What the Bible Says." The title track may or may not be related to "The Black Man's Lament, or How to Make Sugar," an English anti-slavery poem from 1826. Lights out before 10 (but a very hard time getting to sleep).