Up before 7. Worked at E77 from 9:30-1:30 – got through yesterday’s graf and 2 more, much improved from where that material was yesterday, 720 words – quite good, by my standards, for 4 hrs. Came home, spent 2 hrs on correspondence and mundane tasks, inc. printing charts for Dylan Hicks’ songs for our show in Hudson, and finding accommodations there. Left at 4, read Levine’s chapter on rhythm en route to meet Jenny at a kind of tech meet and greet in the Flatiron district. Kind of thing I dread, but I had a stiff drink and a decent conversation w/ Parker someone about copyright. Went to dinner at Jenny’s mom’s apartment, w/ one other friend of theirs – I had thought we were meeting for Chinese, but no, I got a nice home cooked meal, a gin + tonic, more wine. Very civilized UWS evening. Walked to the train; Jenny says she wants to play more music next year (we’ll play a couple songs together at the Love Hangover next Feb. then play it by ear. Daybook poem and more Levine on the way back – some interesting insights about institutions vis-à-vis Foucault and Williams. Home 11:15, lights out 1.