Up 9. Had trouble getting going, or doing anything more elaborate than buying tickets for something in a couple weeks, and falling down a Monk rabbit hole (inc. Ethan Iverson’s posts). Waited for Bree to make a dr. appt. for a time I can go with her. Left close to 2, read Levine on train – finished “rhythm” chapter (w/ discussion of prosody), started “hierarchy.” Worked near Lincoln Center from about 3:30-6, got a little bit farther into my emphatic discussion of the pervasiveness of the song/rendition distinction, but overall not as much flow as yesterday. Feel like the whole section needs to be cut by a lot. Can’t work tomorrow, but hope to devote a lot of Sat./Sun. to this. Broke for some online housekeeping; wrote to my editor. Met Pete Galub at Jazz at Lincoln Ctr. for a (free, lucklily) listening “party”/discussion of some unreleased live Monk from the 1960s, introduced by my neighbor Seaton. The music, inc. versions of “Criss Cross,” “Nutty,” and “Light Blue” was great, as were clips of Hall Overton actually getting Monk to talk at the New School (he learned to read music by looking over his sister’s shoulder while she practiced her piano lessons). Panel was Robin Kelley (biographer), T.S. Monk (son), and Zev Feldman (archivist/record producer): Some sweet anecdotes but also a lot of hagiographic generalities. Had 1 drink nearby w/ Pete. Returned a call from my cousin Lynda. More Levine on train back – some perfectly reasonable, to me, points about hierarchical binaries and their interactions, but the reading of Antigone is a slog (for me at least). Home around midnight. Had to stay up a while getting my schedule, directions, etc. together for tomorrow.