Awake at 6:30. Listened to 1½ episodes of a Civil War podcast. Went to Starbucks by 8. Spent a couple hrs. on email and tasks it generated. Went back to bed for a while, read the last 20 p. of Jefferson, listened to a different podcast, w/ Jonathan Lethem discussing the Spanish novelist Rodrigo Fresán (whom I haven’t read), napped. Left around noon for Langston Hughes library, caught bus and started Levine’s “network chapter,” worked 1-5; another draft of the “publishing section” of intro w/ better pace, less detail and legalese – 1200 words in. Got home at 6, zoned out for a while, did some mundane tasks from to-do list. Rec’d a nice email about Suggestion Box from a stranger in Riverside CA. Went out around 8:30 – walked by E77, sort of wanted a beer but didn’t feel like hearing a singer-songwriter; ended up at Starbucks, which surprisingly had a free table. Read and took notes on a talk of Stephanie Burt’s I’d like to send her some comments on, and finished the Levine chapter. Came back at 11, went ahead and read the last chapter of Levine – a reading of The Wire that makes its point but didn’t require close attention for my purposes. Lights out 12:30. Should have arranged things to work longer during the day.