Up about 7. SNL – whatever; Cecily Strong (underrated) had a good show. Pink’s new music seems already-dated and even fairly “rock” in the current milieu. Found an NYPL e-book of Can the Market Speak (Temporary download? How does this work, exactly?) Read a bit – ploddingly clear (I appreciate it). Went to Caffe Bene, caught up in poetry daybook (2 p.), read about 50 p. of poems in Prelude, which I’d put aside. The eds. do seem to group things together – in this section, there was less millennial vernacular and more lyric pretense, but still a lot of adolescent memoir. Realized I hadn’t posted these entries for a few days, rectified that. Helped Bree water the garden. Looked again for the music ms paper on which I’d written out Brandon’s bassline for the break in “Believe in Ghosts” (which I need to harmonize) and an organ line I’d worked for “The Old Currencies.” No luck: I need to reconstruct these before the Mitch session. Did have the presence of mind to put aside the chord chart for “Paradox.”

Left 11:15. Started Ron Moy, Authorship Roles in Popular Music. Earnest, dissertationy, too much throat-clearing. I am waiting for an argument. Somehow ended up on the wrong side of town (confusion between 5/6). So I changed my itinerary and went to Dear Mama – longish walk, but I need it. Worked from about 12:45 to 6:45. Section length creeping up again toward 2000 words; decided to cut a graf on Richard Rodgers reaction to Peggy Lee’s “Lover.” Met Bree at Silvana on 106th, saw 2 sets by John Wriggle’s 12-piece big band: Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Mary Lou Williams, of course Chappie Willett. Always enjoy this, but it seemed better rehearsed than in the past. I hope he gets to record his arrangement of a K-Pop tune. Cab home.