Up 6:30. Read 2 or 3 short chapters of Can The Market Speak? Got coffee, came back, got back in bed, up for good 9:30. Started listening to all the songs in my iTunes in alphabetical order, for some reason. I would eventually like to listen to every stick of music (like “stick of furniture,” except it doesn’t work) in this apt., physical and digital, at least once. And get rid of some of it. Could take a while. Left 10:15. In a similar vein, figured out how to get “songs” to go alphabetically by title rather than artist on my underpopulated phone and listened while reading Moy, which improves after the intro. Started trying to do the shortest possible draft of the 3 main distinctions for my “publishing” section at coffee on 96th. Got through 1st 2 grafs without too much trouble. Therapy. Lunch – read Moy on James Jamerson/Carole Kaye attributions, started gender chapter. To LC, worked over coffee (lot of coffee today) nearby, then to the library proper around 5:30. The statutory licensing graf was impossible, somehow, in under 330 words. Got a little beyond that (“implications of the system”), cut and paste some kind of rough organization of the full section from the docs of the past week: Looking at 3317 words w/ some redundancy and some holes. Goal is 2500 + notes; finish this week! Left just before 8. Read to p. 60 of Moy – he’s discussing writing credits on Genesis records – on the way home. Nothing much doing after that – put the A-Z playlist back on, read past halfway point in Market? (it’s short.) Learned therein of the TickTrola app, which assigns pitches to market fluctuations, but on searching, it’s PC-only. Daybook poem.

[Dylan Hicks, “A-24” to Jonas Kaufmann, “Reich Mir Zum Abschied Noch Einmal Die Hände”   ; the composer, Paul Abraham, was in the title field, as on many classical releases]