Up at 8. Helped Bree move a few things in the garden, left before 10. Mailed a record to Victor Gastelum in CA, worked about 10-2:30 at E77. Cleaned up what I guess is the first ½ of this section – 1600 words. Lost steam at that point. Came back, rested a bit, read a few p. of Moy and finished Can the Market Speak? “Just because something is invisible does not mean that it does not have real material effects. With the analysis of any ideology it is not enough to say that its objects do not exist. What is important is to bring to light what rests behind this ideology.” Great, I agree, but then there’s the part where the individuation of persons is “arbitrary.” Gave away an Arto Linsday/Beauty Pill ticket to Yumeko Jenkins on facebook, headed out to at 6:30 to meet her. BP’s singer, Chad Clark, had a recent medical scare, so the band is playing these 4 date’s w/o; so Jean Cook is handling the vocals. It came off well, “esp. Afrikaaner Barista” + one about jumping into an empty pool. Arto’s set and sidemen were excellent – much, much more tolerable mix than a few months ago at Union Hall. Wish I knew the material better, but they weren’t selling his record. Wrote daybook poem at the bar when my attn. flagged for a bit. Read to 120 in Moy and 210 in Prelude on train home. Quite tired, lights out 12:30.

[Salem 66, “Across the Sea” to Red Krayola with Art & Language, “Ad Reinhardt”]