Up about 8. The Good Place – whatever one thinks of the show’s ethical sophistication, it is disorienting to hear Philippa Foot referenced in a sitcom! Got out before 10, read a few (very few) p. of McClary on Bizet on train, worked at Communitea in LIC from about 11-2. (What explains my intuitions of which coffee shop I will feel able to write in on a given day?) Cut the extended discussion of “Tutti Frutti” and deferred one of “My Favorite Things,” which allowed me to go on a bit. Section now at 3400. Knocked off to deal w/ some email – responded to Brian Mello’s cover design w/ some tweaks, and sent text for inserts. Made arrangements for Between the Tom Petty set and Laura’s, I will have a lot of woodshedding to do over the next week. Left a little after 3, called dad while walking around – he’s getting cataract surgery tomorrow. Met Bree at MoMa for the first night of their Poverty Row series: High Tide (John Reinhardt 1947), a hard-to-follow plot about newspaper corruption starring a worse-for-wear Lee Tracy, and Hollow Triumph (Steve Sekely 1948), one of my favorite movies of all time. Ran into Eric Meyers and a friend on the way out. Home by 9, dealt w/ some email and small tasks. Stayed up fairly late – started watching the Menendez Brothers miniseries.

[Golden Music Orchestra, “African Honeymoon” to Luciano Perrone, “Afro-Brasilieros”]