Up 9 am. Slow start. Coffee, read a chapter of McClary. Picked up the ILL copy of The New Jim Crow I’d requested. Came back, put on the rest of the Menendez mini-series so far while doing email and org. tasks. (The interest is partly that they went to Bree’s high school, so she knows the milieu – there’s a scene at Gladstone’s, a fancy beach restaurant her mom and sister like.) Jean + David cancelled Scrabble tonight, leaving me less reason to go out. Played through “My Old Man” for Bree’s spot at the Joni tribute – I don’t have the bridge down. Realized I had left my guitar at E77 after rehearsal the other night (!), so I went to pick it up. No harm done, but stupid. Went to 2 Edward Ulmer movies at MoMa: Strange Illusion (1945), a completely unsuspenseful suspense film (because the crime is solved in a dream in the first scene, and because you know Warren William is the villain from his first scene, because he’s Warren William; and the bigger-budget but very “pink” Ruthless (1948), w/ a reliably constipated Zachary Scott, Louis Hayward, Sydney Greenstreet and love interests Diana Lynn, Martha Vickers, and Lucille Bremer (one of her few decent roles outside Meet Me St. Louis, and quite touching). Last line: “He wasn’t a man, he was a way of life,” in other words, capitalism; thank you Alvah Bessie. Ran into Nick Minichino between movies. Passed by E77 on the way home – crowded, looked like a decent band. Read a fair bit of McClary over the course of the day, up through penultimate chapter on Laurie Anderson. Home before 10. Nothing much after that; put on first episode of new season of You Must Remember This (on Universal horror – looking forward to hearing K. Longsworth imitate Lugosi and Karloff), lights out before 12.

[The Big Three, “After Awhile” to Neil Young, “After the Goldrush” (multiple recordings)]