Up 8:30, but very slow start. Involved in email, show logistics, etc. until afternoon. 3:30 or so by the time I got to the library across from MoMa – couldn’t really get started, then remembered I’d told my dad I’d call. Result – no writing before the movies, though I did read more of The New Jim Crow. (I don’t have substantial comment on it here. What can you say – her case is compelling and upsetting, but not to me surprising.) Watched Drums of Jeopardy (William Seitz 1931), a completely satisfying programmer: Clara Blandick (Auntie Em) steals the show. Short break – oddly, was made to check my bag and umbrella between movies – before Damaged Lives (Ulmer 1933), a Canadian/American production that barely deserves to be called “directed” or “a movie”: It’s a 61 minute venereal disease PSA w/ a storyline of sorts. More disturbing than entertaining – best that Bree stayed home. Back in neighborhood by 8, stopped in E77, chatted w/ Rebecca Gopoian and a friend, worked on a paragraph for until they closed – maybe 45 min., 200 words. Home 10, ended up watching boogie-woogie instructional videos. Lights out midnight.

[Eddie Bo, “Ain’t It the Truth” to Gil-Scott Heron, “Ain’t No New Thing”]