Day flew by. Not sure when I woke up, but I spent the mid-morning at E77 reading Jim Crow. Came back around 1 and worked on Tom Petty parts, devoting far too much time to the elec. piano solo in “Breakdown.” Super-glued a broken Bb on the keyboard, packed it up and got a car to Hi-Fi around 5:30: unusually, the driver had some kind of Beatles-y sattelite channel on, w/ “Little Child,” Peter & Gordon’s “World w/o Love,” and, more distantly, Bob Lind’s near-forgotten “Elusive Butterfly of Love.” Got things set up, realized I didn’t have my keys, called Bree who found them on the floor near my desk. Once that was squared away, walked around the neighborhood, and came back to watch the other bands/singers for the Petty tribute. Faithful. Went on w/ Murderer’s Row around 10. Felt generally competent, esp. given the amount of material and rehearsal time: didn’t nail everything, but neither did everyone else, and I didn’t fuck up anything integral. Full set for the record: Rockin’ Around With You, You Don’t Know How It Feels (a highlight, I thought), Breakdown, Room at the Top, Listen to Her Heart, Yer So Bad (a boring song), American Girl (did nail the piano break), Same Old You, Can’t Stop The Sun (interesting deep cut), Even the Losers, Too Much Ain’t Enough, You Wreck Me. (Not in that order.) Talked to the bassist, Tom Shad, about poetry. Saw/chatted w/ Richard Baluyut, Dave Derby, Beth from Bird of Youth, a number of the Hi-Fi regulars, a woman who goes by DJ Catskillz, and of course Mike Stuto, who is going into tour managing now that the bar/club is closing. Glad I could be there – I’ve played in that space off and on since it was Brownie’s in the ‘90s. Fats Domino on the jukebox most of the evening. Car back, got Bree up to let me in around 1. Lights out 2.