Up 8:30. Glad I can forget the 27 songs I learned to play last week. Email etc. at E77, 10-ish to noon – getting ducks in a row for Nov. session. Came back and wasted time, to be honest. Finally did an hr. or so, not much more, of tasks, organization, etc. Left for movies at MoMa w/ Bree. False Faces (Lowell Sherman 1932) – Sherman, a Warren William type (bulkier) in this case playing a crooked plastic surgeon with no redeeming qualities, also directed. Quick break, then The Sin of Nora Moran (Phil Goldstone 1933) – I can’t go into it, but you could use this one to teach the syuzhet/fabula distinction. Back in neighborhood by 9, had a bite + got home by 10. Bought a download of an instructional video on card magic (by John Carey) b/c I was curious about a trick on the demo, watched some of that. Lights out midnight.