Up at 6:30. Charged devices/recorded expenses (which I should have done last night), answered a few emails, scanned my old Manny Farber essay for a possible reprint. Started looking at Drew Gardner’s anthology introduction. Out just after 10. Read Mieville on train and over coffee; caught up in poetry daybook (2 p.). Therapy. Finished Mieville over lunch (thought it would take longer, but the last 50 p. of the ebook are a glossary, reading list, and index. Point of the retelling seems to be to emphasize the complexity of struggles among several political parties at the time, and the univitability of (a) the Bolshevik takeover, just then and in just that way. And that it wasn’t “written in the starts” that Leninism would lead to Stalinism. My favorite line is a paraphrase of Trotsky’s paraphrase of Marx: “History doesn’t clean up after itself” (42). Content nearly aside, I could learn a lot from Mieville’s crisply paced sentences and way with an image (I think he’s often drawing on the photographic record). Found, oddly enough, issue #3 of Prelude in a Housing Works. To library around 2:30, paid deposit on recording dates (Nov. 5-6), dithered online. Worked 3:30-7, added about 550 words to publishing section, though it will ultimately have to be cut down. Finished Blauvelt on the train home – no poem more than a page, w/ sonnets (or 13/15 liners) dispersed through the book; the gimmicky technique starts to wear, and many lines and phrases could be in one poem as well as another (though that’s something you could also say about some late Ashbery). Started glancing at Leonard Feist, Music Publishing in America. Met Bree at Kitchen 79; “twisted stink bean” with shrimp. Saw our neighbors Honor & Joe; chatted. Home 9:30. Remembered to look up the Hélio Oiticia show at the Whitney; it closed yesterday. Read a few pages of the Feist, listened to some 1928 Ellington (I bought a bunch of chronological CDs in L.A. this summer). I love his solo “Black Beauty”/”Swampy River.” Lights out 10:45.