Up 8. Watched The Good Place, which I enjoy. Moved some plastic pipes the gas company had left at our building to the street for trash day, at Bree’s request. Left before 10. Mainly lost in thought on train, but read a couple p. of Brossard. Stopped for coffee, got to library, checked in on some online controversies (waste of time, really), got to work 1:15. Bree had an appointment nearby, so we met for coffee/snack for a while around 3, then back to work. Output: one graf on compulsory licensing and the start of the next. 400 words. Left 5:45, got a little further into Brossard. Stronger narrative thread/sketch of Montreal than I’d have expected, though going off into associative erotics at will. “The words body and city get confused and mingled with a geography; maps or is it cards on the table, anatomical diagrams, systems.” I can see this book making a stronger impact on another reader. Got a sandwich at Sarge’s, headed to Community Church of New York (35th) for AACM show. So-so attendance: apparently there was an Art Ensemble of Chicago show at Columbia today, w/ Tomeka Reid, but I didn’t know about it.) Chico Freeman Quartet – pretty straight-ahead for this series, long vibes solos, some nice heads, all very tasteful, listened to Reggie Nicholson’s drumming as much as anything. Zoned out on train, home 10, lights out/dharma talk 12:15.