Awake for a while 4-6 am; got up for good 10:30. Went to market, came home, put on some Ellington (to 1931 – fair number of outside pop songs during this period, though of course they’ve been doing McFields/Hugh since 1928). Made 2 fritata for party in building; went to same at 2-4, talked to neighbors. Took a break and came back to the apt. to rest, read a little Brossard, and fool around at the piano. Went back down, met a philosopher and her architect husband who moved into the building in Feb. Party broke up around 6 – not sure what I did for the next hr. or so. Never really had coffee today, so went to E77 and read Brossard, w/o full concentration, until 9. A singer-songwriter was setting up, and I usually give local music there a chance, but I felt a bad vibe/attitude from his stray comments, so left before he started. Nothing else worth recording; lights out midnight.