Up 9-ish, met Dylan and Nina for breakfast at a diner in Saugerties, discussed TV themes and Woodstock. Walked into town, looked in a thrift store and a bookstore w/ an unusually good stock of jazz CDs until they had to split. Then Bree and I spent most of the day doing the same sort of thing, in Saugerties and a huge antique mall in Coxsackie, which really felt like the sticks. Bought a few things, but the real finds were a 1976 Bliss/Sankey collection of revival songs—for $4! – and an LP I have never seen in my life of Sidney Poitier reciting selections from Plato over music by Fred Katz! Can’t wait to hear it. Back to Saugerties to have dinner at Little Lucy’s Kitchen (Ted’s rec. last night). An out-of-town splurge, but excellent. Got a little lost coming back despite GPS. Glanced at a book on early Ellington I’d picked up, lights out before midnight. Nothing work-like today; a nice respite.