Up 7. Left around 9:30 – though I found that I didn’t have my Metrocard and walked back from the train to look for it, to no avail. Coffee, looked at intro, therapy, quick lunch, worked at same coffee place from about 1:45 to 5. Came home earlier than I’d planned (skipped both a library trip and a pre-New Wave French movie at Film Forum that will not be playing when I get back from North Carolina) to call my dad; also checked in w/ my uncle Anthony. Discussed a few practicalities w/ Bree, helped her buy a bottle brush online, went back out for coffee at 9. Wrote emails to Mitch E., his studio manager, and a couple people I hope to see while I’m down there. Came back of started packing – located folders of chord charts (which I probably don’t need but like to have around) and lyrics (which I do, to sing from and make vocal comping notes on), at least. Read all but last 30 p. of Lesser (also on trains) – it’s an aesthete’s book that has moments but wanders off into unconnected essays about a visit to an opera house’s infirmary, a cat, and email resistance (circa 1999). It feels trivial in these times (and it’s art’s and criticism’s first job to convince you that they’re not).

I’m behind a few days on the poetry daybook, + haven’t been reading any.