Woke up around 5:30, fussed around, read 10 p. of Ellington, made myself go back to bed. Up for real around 9. Headed across the yard to the studio at noon. Visited w/ Mitch and his girlfriend Tammy for a bit, then got to work. Started w/ an easy six-string bass overdub on “Still In Error” for the sake of confidence, then set up a combo organ (a non-standard brand/model) w/ tremolo and distortion on the same song, worked out a droney part – but a part. Derivative of Yo La Tengo, which is what I was hoping for. Used the stylophone to supplement (possibly replace) the theremin freakout on “Our Films, Their Films.” Stayed w/ that keyboard for “Believe in Ghosts” – the upper manual replaces the electric harpsichord idea I’d had. Took a dinner break – stayed “on campus.” Came back to do 4-5 vocal takes each of “Still in Error” (I can hear where the biggest trouble spot is – “scanner”) and “Illusions” (sung at lower intensity, which helped keep it together). Knocked off at about 9. Might not sound like a lot, but a good start. Stayed up for a while, had a beer, went to bed around 11.