Similar – woke up too early, had to go back to bed. Up for good at 8:30. Wrote to Jenny about Thanksgiving, looked at bridge MS for an hour. Went down to the stuidio as 11 as piano tuner was finishing up. Started off with direct Strat tracks on “Faith and Credit” (2 & 4 chops per the recording’s general Motown styling) and “Shovel-Ready” (a bit in the verses that I’ve had in my head forever). Went to piano for bass throughout “Faith and Credit,” and a major 7ths and quartals part for “Illusions” (I don’t know if this song is jangle pop or just adult contemporary). 2 full passes of electric piano on “Cover Your Tracks!” – sounds great on the basic riff, not as necessary on the rest, but I think it’ll work. Dinner break – spoke to Bree on the phone. but managed about 4 vocal takes each of “Faith & Credit” (w/ several extra passes of a key line at the end of the breakdown) and “Cover Your Tracks!” Pleasantly surprised – they sound pretty good, w/ some personality, and not rhythmically forced. Quit between 9-10. Had a beer back at the cabin, watched John Oliver and some card magic videos. Not sure when I went to sleep.