Still getting up too early – about 6. Dithered, read to p. 100 in Ellington book. Went into studio around 11 and started working up “Any Road Home” piano part, playing along w/ rough mix on my phone. Started notating some of it, but quite after I got the feel. Mitch comped vocals until I was ready, around 1. Got the part out of about 4 takes. Then easier stuff: fixed 2 holes in the piano for “Illusions,” redid Hammond on the bridges of “The Old Currencies” (part I did on last visit was way too busy, interfered w/ both the vocal/lyric and the bari guitar line), added a “vibes” sound on the Yamaha combo as a layer in the breakdown to “Faith and Credit,” did the 4 note riff at the end of “A Different City” on Fender + six-string bass for octave/fake 12-string effect). Took break around 6 – thought about going to nearby BBQ, but I’m going out to dinner tomorrow, and I got involved in rating EMP conference proposals, which I have to return a few days after Thanksgiving. Came back, sang about 4 takes each of “Old Currencies” and “Enemies of Song,” + 3 of “Our Films, Their Films.” Quit around 9.