Usual morning pattern. (Should record that I caught up in the poetry daybook yesterday.) Mitch texted to say he’d be a little late into the studio, so I went down at 11, played a little piano. Thinking about recording a quick piano/vocal song (“Sad and Afraid”) in the last 2 days, if I finish some lyrics. Started around noon, rec’d an acoustic overdub w/ capo on “Boring Postcards,” a “heavy” noise/rock part on the last 2 ch. of “Our Films, Their Films,” and tone-switch feedback on “Any Road Home.” Did vocal takes of “Untimely Beggar” and “Shovel-Ready.” A lot of these songs end big, vocally. Ended early, maybe 5. Called Bree. Put on a CD of Britten’s Illuminations in the rental and drove to Greensboro to meet John Davis, Carl Schlachte, and his wife Jennifer, an American Studies Ph.D. student working on Latinx graphic novels for Chinese food. Stopped by Sheets on the way home b/c I wanted ice cream. Back at cabin around 10. I’ve read maybe another 30 p. of the Ellington bio, but haven’t been keeping a schedule while here. Put on a podcast interview w/ Ray Monk about Wittgenstein and the foundations of mathematics, went to sleep early.