Woke up early, put on another mathematics/philosophy lecture (on Carnap) to get back to sleep. Up at 9. Daybook. Went into studio at 11, got a rough mix of “Untimely Beggar” and worked on my Cropper-style (as if) guitar part from 11:30-1:30 while Mitch comped vocals on other songs. Got down to recording it, in several takes and w/ a ton of punches. I think I got it. Dinner break – “Eastern” barbeque and a chicken leg at Prissy Polly’s. Came back and sang “Believe In Ghosts,” which was tricky (changes in register), and “Boring Postcards,” which is straightforward. Comped/edited the clavinet tracks from Joe McGinty’s on “A Different City” – one brilliant moment where two passes turned out to harmonize at a key moment. Replaced three combo organ phrases in bridge of “Believe In Ghosts.” I think that’s the last sound I need to make. Done by 9, usual decompression (one beer + YouTube) in evening. Lights out before midnight.