Up 7:30. Mitch is comping vocals, so I’m not needed (even wanted) in the studio for most of the day. Watched part of a YouTube lecture about category theory. Left house before 11, found the only coffee place in the world w/o pastries, stopped in an antique mall I’d noticed – on the trashy/cute side, but picked up a Cab Calloway 78 and two pieces of Floyd Tillman sheet music. Drove to Greensboro, got a few books/records/CDs apiece McKay’s Books and Hippo Records, had a too-heavy bbq lunch, read to 170 in Ellington, found nothing at a Goodwill. Listened to Mingus Epitaph (a live record that maybe isn’t a good entry point) and Secret Ellington (a 2002 disc of some unheard songs from an unfinished 1958 musical – contemporary performances, just ok) while driving around. Back at cabin at 3. Rec’d expenses, called Dad for his birthday. Went down to the stuidio and played the new song I don’t know if I’ll finish. Mitch came in and worked on comping “A Different City,” I hung out for a while. Came back to the cabin around 8, called Bree. Not in the mood to read – listened to last Boris Karloff episode of YMRT, tried to sleep.