The flaw in this system is that the more one is doing, the less time there is to write about it.


Woke up a couple of times in the night, up for good at 8:30. Went to coffee briefly, read to p. 50 of Redding bio. I’m sure I’ve never seen this much detail about his family in Georgia. Mainly just got my self ready, listened to the studio takes of some of Laura’s songs for the form. (We both independently figured out where the extra minor chord is in “Indoor Fireworks.”) Got equipment outside at noon (taking a lot of stuff for a local gig, felt like going on tour), talked w/ Bree and neighbors while waiting for Laura to pick me. Rode to Union Pool, said hi to Gail O’Hara, soundchecked, hung around. Played my quick solo set about 2:30—no, major fuck-ups, gtr sounded good on stage. “Just Because It’s Dying,” “Man Up,” “Boring Postcards,” “Guesthouse,” “Not Just When We Kiss.” Watched Governess, a heavyish trio from D.C., and Cotton Candy (Mark from Unrest and his wife Evelyn, who was in Blast Off Country Style). They do commercial jingles a cappella – “The Jordache Look,” “Charlie” [the perfume], many local radio spots that no one outside of D.C. would know. It’s insane, but entertaining. Explained “industrial musicals” to Mark afterwards – I was truly shocked he didn’t know about this stuff. Played Laura’s set, Pete joined us ½ way through. Intimate rather than rollicking, and there are always things I could play better, but in general, it felt musical – we were all listening to each other. The crowd (modest) seemed to appreciate it. Hung out for a while afterwards – talked to Richard B., Claudia Gonson, Brendan Gilmartin, Cliff Schumacher, a facebook connection named John Everhart (who wanted to talk about my least favorite topic). Got paid, but I don’t think I sold any merch. Rode back to JH w/ Laura, loaded in, ran into Bree coming back from the store when I went back out to get a bite. Home and settled around 9, read a bit of Smullyan, lights out 11 if not earlier.