Up at 8:30. Dithered online. Went to E77 at 10:30, worked through a couple grafs of intro. I think I need to put something back a little earlier in the section. Back home at 1, rested for a while, finished the Kluge. Fantastically depressing book. Bree went out, I skipped trying to go to the Kitchen to get on the wait list for the sold-out Raincoats 33 1/3 launch. Just as well – had a lot to tick off for the show tomorrow (esp. after Gail wrote and asked if I’d do a few songs solo, which I hadn’t planned on) and recording Sun./Mon. Spent a couple hours making a new chart for “Paradox” in Sibelius. Tried out my amps – the Princeton seemed fine after it warmed up, then started crackling like a m.f. when I tried it again later. The Deluxe (which is larger and heavier) is ok, a little buzzy – could be my outlets. (Describing these lame, ordinary hassles, and the extent to which getting anything done/squared away/prepared never goes entirely smoothly—whether because I’m a fuck-up who tries to take on too much, uses time poorly, and doesn’t have many of my life in working order, or because it’s like this for everyone—is as much the point of these posts as anything.) Played though some of my songs, and some of Laura’s set, before packing the piano. Made a list of what I have to take tomorrow so I can think less. Took to bed around 11, started reading Jonathan Gould’s Otis Redding bio and Raymond Smullyan, The Tao Is Silent. Put on the A-Z playlist, drifted in and out.

[Neil Young, “Alabama,” to Caetano Veloso, “Alegria, Alegria.”]