Up 5:30. Dithered, went for a cup of coffee and read Smullyan, came back at 8. Read Otis on train to Park Slope around 9:30, got another coffee nearby, daybook poem, made it to studio by 11, Matt rolled in just after I got there. Did the rest of his percussion: tambourine and handclaps (w/ me) on “Faith and Credit,” a syncopated shaker part on “Illusion,” a military snare overdub on “Enemies of Song,” a woodblock that I’m not sure about on “Boring Postcards”; also his very short backing vocal on “Our Films, Their Films.” Took a break for lunch and walked over to Unneameable Books – bought The Bluegrass Reader, and had the odd experience of not finding any poetry I felt compelled to buy. I’m either cheap or disenchanted. Returned, worked out the “classical” (nylon-string) guitar overdub on “Enemies,” and 2-3 theremin tracks on “Our Films, Their Films.” Sang the chorus harmony on “Guesthouse,” after which I’d run out of overdubs I was prepared to do. Comped Monica’s vocal for “Any Road Home.” Tried to sing “Boring Postcards” through 3 different mics – did a few complete takes, not sure if it’s enough to comp a real take from. Did some data transfer and finished around 8, chatted with Michael for a while about the jazz scene. (Turns out he’s yet another Oberlin grad, so we know some people in common.) Read more Otis on the way home. Also listened to at least an hr of the A-Z playlist over the course of the day. Got home around 10:30, recorded some expenses, put on Monk’s Ellington album, lights out by midnight.

[The Kings of Ragtime, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” to Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers “All For You”]