Up 7. Went to coffee at 8:30. Ran into Ken Lauterbach and talked about music for a while. Came back at 10:30, rehearsed “My Old Man” w/ Bree for a half hr. or so; feel ok about the piano part by now. Left at 12:30 for library. Call from the manager of my parents caregivers’ agency; called back to find out what was up, then called dad (which I’d been planning to do today anyone) to discuss that. Stressful. Sat down to work in library café just before 3, went up to 3rd floor around 5 with the notion of using a digital keyboard (w/ headphones) to practice tonight’s song a little more, but it’s no longer there. Hard to work – half the time I was there, a man was loudly making some kind of elaborate, outlandish request of the librarians, more or less disrupting the whole room. Not much progress, to be honest. Left before 6 to meet Bree at the Cutting Room; we weren’t doing soundcheck, so I finished reading Smullyan and wrote my daybook poem while waiting for the show to start. The show was enjoyable enough (Nellie McKay’s “Shades of Scarlet Conquering” and David Cale’s “The Last Time I Was Richard”), but I wasn’t in the mood to be around downtown theater/cabaret people. Bree’s act went over, though I didn’t play that well (no major mess up, but I kind of faked a couple of runs in the bridge – I give myself a B.) Bree stayed to socialize, I went home, started reading the introduction to Truth of My Songs: Poems of the Trobairitz, trans. Claudia Keelan (is Joni Mitchell a trobairitz?), fell asleep around midnight.