Up before 8. Had to call Bree’s insurance provider for info, and write a related letter. On hold for a while, but I got my questions answered. Got out just before 10. Read second 1/3 of Everett on train, which skipped Times Square. Learned about the bomb scare later. Took longer route; started working on some EMP comments at coffee. Therapy, lunch. Wanted another coffee, but a couple of spots were crowded; same near Lincoln Center. Finally found somewhere, did the rest of the comments about 2-4. Necessary, but also aware it was procrastination against putting a real day of work in on the book. Went to 3rd floor of library at 4:30. Waited for an annoying conversation at the info desk to end. Worked until 7:45, not much more than 400 words.

Stopped in the Columbus Circle Whole Foods for a bite and to bring home some fruit for Bree (after calling her to ask if she needed anything). Overspent. Some real kooks hang out in the eating area down there, including a man who had used their toaster/broiler to make what looked like half a boule swimming w/ melted cheese, and two possibly related guys, the older with a reddish weave and the younger with a Caesar, both with Jersey accents, asking Siri whether members of the Carol Burnett Show cast were dead or alive. Read that “Cat Person” story on the train. Home around 9. Didn’t do anything much but catch up with Bree. Lights out around 11.